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Wireline Supervisor 1 – Odessa, TX

Wireline Supervisor 1 – Odessa, TX

Job Description

Job Summary:

The Wireline Supervisor oversees the daily operations of a wireline truck, manages the operators, and provides staff leadership. The Wireline Supervisor promotes and maintains good customer relations. The Wireline Supervisor is responsible for the safe operation, maintenance, and record keeping for the wireline trucks, tools, and equipment.


  • Directly reporting to Field Service Manger
  • Functionally reports to Vice President, Wireline

Job Duties & Essential Functions:

  • Run logging services such as Cement Bond logs, Gamma Ray Logs, Noise/Temperature Logs, and correlation logs
  • Ensure that all safety practices are implemented before, during and after the well service operation
  • Provide technical assistance, supervision and training to other team members on location to assure work is carried out according to set schedules and procedures
  • Complete all job-related paperwork and logs
  • Perform troubleshooting of tool, equipment, and truck problems
  • Establish and maintain a healthy relationship with the customer

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