3 Bedrooms 1918ft2 / 179m2 House Plans for Small Modern Minimalist House

3 Bedrooms 1918ft2 / 179m2 House Plans for Small Modern Minimalist House

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Please check floorplans for this design  below

Ground Floor

First Floor

This design is 3 bedrooms modern house, designed in 2 story house with living room, small garden, dining room, kitchen, washroom and bathroom on the ground floor while 1 master bedroom and 2 bedrooms on the first floor.

The house exterior is simple. large windows are there to make the house feel open and more provide more sunlight to the house.

It is 175 m2 or 1880 ft2 is design carefully to maximize available space and to make this house feel open and wide compared to other design.

When we enter the house it will put us in the living room. it is a 5×7 m simple living room. modern sofa, coffee table, and TV are available in the room. The small garden next to it makes this room and the entire house have enough fresh air circulation and natural lighting to this modern house.

We can use image above as reference to decorate our living room area

Modern living room design idea for our design

Dark modern living room design idea

The kitchen and dining room are placed next to each other in a 4×7 m space. in between is a door to washroom and bathroom. Stools and dining chairs are in nordic or Scandinavian style. White kitchen cabinet is decorated with chrome accent to bring more modern and contemporary style to this simple kitchen and dining room. from the kitchen and dining room, we can see the living room easily.

On the 1st floor, we have 1 master bedroom and 2 bedrooms. Master bedroom is about 5×7 m2 including bathroom and closet. Corner window is set in the room to have a better view of the surrounding area. this room has a window to view the small garden in the middle of the house and can further see the kitchen and dining room.

We have glasswall here above the small garden to get natural lighting to the house.

the next is 3.5×4 m bedroom with an additional bathroom. It is a small modern bedroom but comfortable. The other bedroom is also 3.5×4 m with a closet and bathroom. A large window is set to the room to get a garden view and living room.

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